Why do we all like awards and recognition…

Let me start by telling you my own true story. It was year 2016 and I was working in the capacity of a country CEO of a multinational company. One day the advertisement and communications company handling my promotional activities and marketing collaterals decided to create my profile for LinkedIn. The excited “visually-impressed-by-me” profile designer guy met with me and asked me to give him the list of awards and certificates I would have received over my illustrious and 25 year old business career. I have had a good career and have done reasonably well for someone who had no business background and was fresh out of a university.

But this question put me in a fix. After deep introspection and going through my filing cabinet I realized I had none — except my degree and some professional training certificates! I was so much into developing my business and working for it, I never realized that I used to give away thousands of certificates, medals, trophies to students and franchise associates, but nobody ever gave me anything. Of course all this had never bothered me as I never used to work for accolades…result was important and success was there.

But then I did realize the other side of this. I realised and understood that for someone who doesn’t know me, these awards and recognition play a strong role in giving them a stamp of assurance and make the confidence level stronger. Of course past records do talk about you, but market recognition does have a strong impact on your profile. And this self-profile is not only for one’s own benefit, the company’s profile and strength improves.

Human beings, and to this I would say why just humans, even animals love awards. Haven’t you seen the dolphins being fed everytime they perform something in front of the audience…or the canine dogs being fed after every good act performed by them? So we all seek recognition. We may be gracious and may not work for awards and recognition in mind, but when someone somewhere recognises one’s efforts, it surely does give a good sense of satisfaction and motivates us to do better.

And this award need not be any certificate or a trophy or medal, etc. Even a kind word of appreciation or a genuine discussion with someone who enquires as to how do we achieve something, leaves behind a good feeling. In my last 5 years, I have consciously worked towards setting some national as well as some world records (Guinness World Record, being one) and getting certified for it, but out of blue, twice actually, I have been pleasantly surprised by recognition which was given because of my experience and work in my field. Colleagues, associates, and social media were talked to, researched upon and then awarded…well, that my friend, felt awesome.

The basic concept of celebrating death and not life should be eliminated. Once a person dies, we shower him/ her with praises and say good beautiful things about the person. Why can’t we celebrate his/ her life when the person was alive? Create occasions or plan during birthdays, promotions, or anniversaries and make it a point to talk about the good things the person has done. Maybe he is an exceptional husband, or a loving effective dad, or a wonderfully efficient employee. Do not think that by praising and appreciating someone, they will become arrogant or develop a snobbish attitude. Don’t worry there will always be people around to bring the person back to ground reality 😆. Remember there are more negative people than positive ones 😁

In this entire discussion of recognizing and appreciating others, I have come across so many people who are stingy in appreciating. I don’t understand why? Are they jealous? Insecure? Have harnessed a ‘don’t care’ attitude? Why can’t you be generous in appreciating? Will you fall low in front of that person? Do you suffer from inferiority complex? Are you worried about the person’s superiority complex? What?

Here’s my 2 cents: be generous in appreciating. If you want to be appreciated and recognized, it goes both ways. Why would you feel jealous or insecure? A person has worked for something and has achieved something, be bold enough and tell him/ her how proud you are. It will only elevate your position and make you look stronger and bolder. Be happy when you are surrounded by innovative or successful people as they will inspire you and motivate you to achieve even higher feats.

And I am not talking about the social media praises or the flat emoji-filled chats. Call the person if you are unable to meet. Ask questions as to how was it achieved? What all went behind achieving the task? How difficult was it, what were the hurdles and how were they handled and overcome? Make the opposite person feel genuinity in your interest. Make him/ her feel valued and genuinely appreciated.

Spread goodness and make the world a better place to live. Appreciate. Everyone likes to be — awarded and recognized. Thank you for reading!





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