Why do beaches attract me more than mountains?

Snehal Karia
4 min readMar 3, 2022

A philosophical take…

Images courtesy: Mike Swigunski (Beaches), and Eberhard Grossgasteiger (Mountains) at Unsplash

If asked how would you characterise a beach in one word, I would say ‘dynamic’. Beaches are restless to say and small changes in natural forces can affect them. Constantly changing form in its own unique way, a beach is something which affects the lives of so many people. Not belittling at all the scenic mountain ranges and the mystic weather there because I have truly had some priceless moments up the Himalayas, but for me water seems to attract me more than the clouds that are formed by the same water :-)

Some of the reasons why I like water areas more:


One thing which is absolutely visible on the beaches is the energy of the water. Constant waves, winds, and the atmosphere there is so charged up. Its a good mix of calm and peace, yet full of energy and fills one up with gusto!


I always believe in entering a place which gives a feeling of being embraced. When I enter someone’s house, there are some homes which has a narrow foyer sort of entrance which leads inside…whereas there are certain homes which open up to you as soon as you enter the main door. In the latter it feels like the home- and hence the residents, are welcoming you with a warm hug 🤗 😀. When I go to the beach, I get that feeling because of the enormity of the ocean or the sea. I feel welcomed and what better feeling than being welcomed by Mother Nature!


As I mentioned in my opening para, the beauty of water bodies is its dependency on natural forces which bring in a percentage of uncertainty. Sometimes it is tranquil and calm, sometimes violent and turbulent, and most of the times it’s a perfect mix of the two. This uncertainty makes it alive and feels like the water is breathing.


Except water bodies (and in some deserts), where else can you see such enormity? As much as your eyes can see in 180 degrees you will see the vastness and endless existence of the elixir of life. With so much mystery (and treasure 😁) hidden beneath it, water bodies tend to create a mystic feeling which attracts me the most. The living existing in the depths and vastness of this body truly is beautiful to watch and admire.


Photo by Nariman Mosharrafa on Unsplash

Talking of the living, where else can you see the colours and variety of such abundance except under the water? Unimaginable colours of the corals, fishes, reflections of the sky above, and the shades of the water — truly mesmerising!


An ideal place to indulge in some super-exciting and fun sports like surfing, scuba diving, underwater walking, skiing, parasailing, speedboat, and so much more. Sports which can welcome any gender and any age of people. All one needs is to put the fear factor aside and bring in the daring side out. Deep water sailing can get you in touch with dolphins and whales and develop respect for these beautiful mammals coexisting with us on this gorgeous planet.

Workouts & Sand Effect

Now how can I forget about those fitness freaks!? One of the best places to watch attractive human bodies jog and walk and do workouts is the seaside or the beach. The touch of ever-slipping sand under your feet, effect of the ocean forming waves with those relaxing sounds and the cool breeze coupled with the perfect early morning sun- the best place to begin your day. Meditation, yoga, etc.should probably be done exclusively here 😁.

Employment Opportunities

Last but not the least, the noble factor- employment opportunity for so many! Sports people, hawkers and vendors, fishermen, shack guys, and so many other direct and indirect people get their livelihood from the seas. Tourism would be the highest in water areas worldwide and that helps the country as a whole too.

Passing comments…

If anyone plans to make a trip to some of the most beautiful water-based destinations worldwide, think about me and add your comments to my story. Or better, let me know and I will tag along 😍😀. And if you are debating with your partner as to where to go- up the mountains or down to the beach, share my story if you are inclined towards 🏄‍♂️ 🌊 ☀️ 🚤 🌴 🌅 🏃‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ 🐠 🐬 🐋