Ways to time your luck! Let’s welcome Lady Luck 🍀

Snehal Karia
4 min readMay 16, 2022

Taqdeer (Fate) Vs Tadbeer (Strategise)

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Standard dictionary meaning of luck would define it as a force which makes things happen, and is conveniently considered to be associated with good luck. It is generally said that a person is born with certain luck and if you talk to astrologers, they will convince you (I was never convinced though) that your date of birth, time of birth, etc. etc. is responsible for your luck — good or bad. If this was true then one should resign to fate and let destiny define one’s life 😁

Whereas we always get excited by serendipitous situations, won’t you like to know ways of timing our luck and enjoying serendipity more often? Yes! You read it right! There are ways to ensure Lady Luck keeps visiting you as and when you desire or need. All that is needed are some basic ground rules to be followed with full faith and positivity.

Ways to invite good luck

  1. Work hard in the area where you want luck to favour you. Luck always favours the brave and if the Lady sees and appreciates that you have worked really hard and sincerely for something, she will surely come your way to bless you.
  2. Creating more opportunities will ensure that one of the different things you try will surely bring you results in your favour. Having alternate plan of action will keep you motivated and will ensure that you keep trying till you succeed.
  3. Listen to hunches, heed attention to your gut feeling, respect intuition, and believe in the sixth sense. It is generally said that a woman’s sixth sense is very sharp and often true, so voice out your situation to women close to you and see what they have to say.
  4. Stay positive. Even if bad luck seems to be more obvious, believe in the bigger picture and keep trying and working hard towards your purpose. With continuous efforts and positive mainframe, the Lady is sure to shine upon you.
  5. Be smart and use technology. You are in a hurry to reach the airport to catch a flight and there’s traffic jam on the way…blaming it to bad luck won’t help. Use technology to plan the route in advance and be proactive in your actions. Lady luck appreciates smart people.
  6. Defy bad luck and misfortunes. Sometimes things don’t seem to be going your way. Don’t be so self-obsessed that you feel so important that you want things to always happen your way. You are just a tiny speck in this vast universe and hence do not always expect things to happen your way. Well, if you do want that, then defy what’s happening and remain steadfast towards your goal. Never give up and you will see that forces will align and things will fall in place and you will start calling yourself fortunate or lucky.

If I talk about my personal experiences, I used to always tell people that I am very lucky and almost always got what I wanted. This thought that we can plan and time our luck came to me when once I was doing some introspection. I told myself that over the years I have always been thinking that I have been lucky but is it truly because of my stars or is it because I used to work for it? The latter seemed more practical. That made me reflect and I started analysing the various achievements or situations where I had found myself “lucky”, and lo and behold, these truly were those instances wherein I had worked hard or planned and strategised well, or had stayed positive and had converted my bad luck to good.

So much so that now whenever anyone says bad luck or just gives in to fate, I make it a point to make the person realise that the feeling has come just because of improper planning, bad design of your actions, and lack of determined and positive hard work.

FedEx is a name today. But things would have been different had its founder, Frederick Smith, not made a desperate trip to Vegas. It is said that during it’s startup days in 1970s, FedEx ran short of funds to ensure deliveries could be initiated and planes could not take off because the company could not afford to purchase fuel. With the last $5,000 that he had, Mr Smith left for Vegas and tried his luck at the BlackJack table parlaying his $5,000 into $27,000, and rest, as they say, is history.

Sometimes its good to deceive yourself with positive delusions. Tell yourself that things are fine and that the universe is out there to help you. Challenge yourself to win and prove a point. Have pride in yourself that you have so far done near impossible stuff and you can still do it. Ask people around you to wish you good luck because such good luck wish acts like a positive vibe and that may help in some way. If it matters, believe in some superstitions and wear certain things on yourself which will bring positivity and confidence within and that will help you achieve and feel lucky. Almost every sportsman has some blind faith in some ritual or superstition and that makes them perform. It’s nothing but the inner confidence that I have done all that was possible so now if I really work hard and with focus, victory will be mine. Warding off evil or bad luck by some lucky charms won’t hurt anyone, try that.

Passing thoughts

Luck is a residue or a by-product of design. Design your life well and you will always feel lucky and blessed. Passing the buck to fate or destiny will only make you feel more unluckier and this habit will ensure that Lady Luck always misses you for your friend, or family member or your neighbor.