Never look down on anyone…after all “Life is full of surprises”

Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

Final thoughts:

  1. When you talk to someone from a position of strength, remember your struggles and how you overcame those and reached this position today. Visualise this person could also repeat the same or even better that achievement of yours.
  2. Listen to the context and try to understand the situation and mark the genuine efforts put in by the person. Remember always that hard work always pays dividends — question is not if but when. Realise that maybe your positive inputs and a sense of assurance and appreciation might help him and make him your biggest fan rather than belittling him and making him a person who says negative about you all the time.
  3. Do not unnecessarily challenge a person because you never know if your immaturity in challenging your competitor could prove to be your biggest mistake :-)



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