Live Life…not survive!

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Decades ago we used to watch on television a commercial saying “Live life king-size”…or maybe you would have heard people saying, “Life needs to be great, not long”. But what would be the yardsticks by which we could do that? I was fortunate enough to have a very practical dad who used to hammer some statements when I was young…trying to recollect a few and also some philosophies which I adhere to…or should I say…try to adhere to:

99% is not 100%

Know what? We tend to feel sad or depressed and frustrated because of? Premature behavior. We are expecting some things to happen for which we have worked hard and when its almost done, we are so happy and elated that we celebrate and party- forgetting that the event was just “almost” done. My dad used to always say that 99% is not 100% the way 8 pm is not 8:01 pm. Unless it is done, its not done. Period. Do not fall into the trap of premature celebration and announcement. Anything premature is not good…if you know what I mean 😁.

Story of a donkey. Work smart not hard.

Once there was a donkey. He was tied to a tree trunk and was given a bundle of hay and some water. Whole day the donkey used to move round the tree and feel good. He used to feel useful and productive as at the end of the day he would tell his friends with pride, I worked the whole day and I am so proud of that. But what did you accomplish? Nothing. Donkeys can afford to just work hard…but we can’t. We need to work smart. We need to have a goal and a strategy. At the end of our day, we should feel accomplished. We should always deserve our meals.

Personification of “Opportunity”.

As a child, I was always made to believe that opportunity is like a bald man who has hair in the frontal head and is bald in the rear. So, when you are faced with an opportunity grab it by the hair. Once it passes by and you are late, you won’t be able to lay your hands and grab it because there’s no hair at the rear end 😂. These visually relevant comparison made me always on my toes thinking that I need to be a fast analyst and quickly come to a conclusion, else the opportunity will pass by and I will be left with no hair to cling on to.

Learn to say No!

Would you want to know the single most important success mantra? Learn to say No. Like what Mr Bachchan says in the movie Pink, “No is not a word…its a statement.” It conveys a lot. And it pauses a situation. A “Yes” takes things forward. My dad used to always tell me that even if you wanted to say Yes when you agree without a doubt, still say No. Because as soon as you say Yes, the situation moves forward and then it may become irreversible. Instead, say No, buy some time, give it a thought, and then if needed, agree. A Yes after No is always accepted…but a No after a Yes won’t be.

Keep enough space in your relationship and let the winds of heaven blow in between you two.

Any relationship needs space. Nobody likes a suffocating relationship or a relationship where one feels claustrophobic. Excess of anything is poison ( There has to be a safe distance, a space between partners. So I had read this statement on some billboard that let the winds of heaven blow in between you.

Everything happens for a reason. Whatever happens, happens for good.

The above is a two-part statement- a true genuine part of life. I am sure each and every one of you must have experienced this. Part 1: Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes when things happen, we are suddenly left in the dark trying to analyse the reason as to why? Why me? How can it happen to me? But then slowly once you are calm and composed, you realize the reason. Then comes the Part 2 to help you: Whatever happens, happens for good. I, personally, have probably felt this a 100% of times. Initial reaction sometimes is why? And then slowly the reason dawns upon and in no time you start feeling the goodness of that happening. So never be worried about what’s going to happen- as such the future or even the next second isn’t in your hands, so why worry? Do your karma, do it with full honesty and passion, and do not worry or expect. Our job is to do things, outcome is not in our hands…we can only try to shape the outcome, not create it.

Be passionate about your business/ work, but don’t fall in love with it.

This was told to me by a friend of mine. A true accomplished individual with a flair of living life and talking about it 😁. He once was my business partner in one of my ventures, and he used to always say this and the next point. You start a business or start a job- do it with full dedication, passion, and sincerity as if it’s your life or death situation. But do not fall in love with it. be rational. Be logical. Be analytical. Once you feel its not worth your time, money, or effort, decide to call it off. People in love tend to have an excess of oxytocin levels and that sometimes blinds your vision and logical thinking. Avoid this situation. Get out of it before it takes you out completely.

Do not put good money after bad money.

Once again this was from this friend. He ditched me on this exact grounds and I had felt very bitter and cheated. But after the whole episode was over and after a couple of years when similar situation arose, I remembered this line. Good money cannot be invested in bad money situations. When you know the venture is dying or has no future and is into a loss making process even after you have exhausted all your options, get out of it. Do not pump in extra good money with a emotional hope that probably it will rejuvenate or revive.

Only those who can dream, can achieve.

I had written about this in detail in one of my earlier stories ( and I truly believe in this. Day dream…because anybody can dream in the night sleep…if you can dream when awake, you’ve got it baby!

Never run after money.

Finally I have learnt this the hard way. All my life I have felt that money has to be sought and that we need to work so that we can earn. This of course is true in certain context, but overall I have felt that its worthless to run after money. Our job is to work, enjoy the work, and do it with full sincerity and honesty. Add passion to it and it becomes more like enjoyment and less work. Do things in such a way that even when you sleep or relax, your bank balance stays on the rise. Once you achieve this stage, money will run after you. You will enjoy even more and that will make you a very rich person.

End thoughts…

Life should be lived the way we want. Not the way in which others have lived. It’s your life, it’s your choice, it’s your call…make the best call because unless you plan it out well, you will not be able to live it king-sized. Cheers!



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