Life is Fair…it isn’t unfair!

A few days ago, while doing daily chores on my gadgets I was thinking about the days when connecting with people meant putting in an effort. Long distance calling was like an eternal process of calling in an operator who would “book” your trunk-call and after what seems like decades, you receive a trin-trin on your telephone where the operator says “your call has been placed, please talk”! At that stage knowing very well that there is always a possibility of the operator eavesdropping on your call how do you get those emotions back as they were when you had thought about a person and had decided to make this call! Talk about postcards and those blue envelopes which took days and sometime weeks to reach the intended recipient! You pen down your thoughts today and get a response after a few days or even weeks. Still people were connected. Even then there was the quintessential feeling of love and maintaining relations. Was it that in those days the relations were not so fragile that they stood the test of these long gaps in communicating your feelings and ideas? Was it that friends, family, and partners had a lot of patience and desire to stay together, come what may! Or was it that people were so busy in their normal routines that such gaps in communication was expected and accepted. Communication was evolving in the 1990s wherein concepts like pen-friends had evolved which made life so exciting. Imagine being in your country and the postman coming to your home with an overseas mail from a friend from another part of the world! It made your heart beat faster and the pride of showing off reaching new heights! Somebody somewhere thousands of miles away has sent a postcard or a handwritten letter thinking about you!

Today communication has evolved into an unthinkable dimension. When I first saw the facsimile machine wherein a paper is fed to the machine and it comes out from the other end while actually sending the entire content to anyone in any remote part of this world, it was like WOW! Then came emails. You type in your feelings, press the Send button and boom! The recipient receives it and sends back the response! Fancy! Then comes the Internet and video calls, multiple video calls Apps, and the list goes on! Today we are the most advanced living being on this planet and we have all the means of expressing, communicating, and receiving instantaneous feedbacks! Instant gratification is what drives us. Likes, comments, shares have become the need of the hour!

Amongst all this development and facility and tools and gadgets at your disposal, I still hear people say that Life’s Not Fair! I mean why would you say that? You need ideas, you want to learn anything, you want to purchase anything, you desire to express your opinions and views, or you just want a pat of sympathy when you are feeling low — it’s all a click away.

Life’s Not Fair? What exactly is life? And why exactly isn’t it fair?

Isn’t life what you make out of it? You were lucky to arrive on this planet through the process of love. You got an opportunity to grow, learn, play, work, succeed, love, and feel loved and cared for. You understood responsibilities, accountabilities, rights and privileges, and most important of all — duty. Your duty towards your parents, your partner, your work, your society, your nation, towards humanity. You are what you make out of this life. You design your life the way you feel right. You have the sense of identifying your goals and pursue things that motivate you, things that inspire you. Your permanent goal of life is to stay happy and contended. You lay the groundwork, build the foundation, change wherever and whenever required, and then convert your vision to reality. You become the architect of your life. You challenge destiny and define your own fate. It’s all about you, you and you. And then you say Life’s Isn’t Fair!?

Probably you say that because things don’t always happen the way you dreamt? People did not respond the way you assumed they would? You felt the earth should rotate and revolve the sun the way you thought it to be correct? Isn’t all this because of your innate inability to handle the unexpected? Don’t you agree that you are the architect of your life and that you cannot control people, thoughts, universal facts, and the most important — the inevitable?

Life gives us the chance to make the most out of it. We have a predetermined duration of stay on this planet. And we come here with a purpose. The need of the day is to stay positive, stay calm, be resilient, and have the courage to accept the inevitable, and be ready to change, because change is the only constant. The current scenario that we are all going through is also an outcome of our living on this planet with disregard for nature, for mother earth, and for fellow humans. With empathy and kindness, we can rebuild our lives, we can shape the future, because…

Life is fair…Life Isn’t Unfair.




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Snehal Karia

Snehal Karia

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