Let it go…

Snehal Karia
2 min readMay 29, 2021
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

No, I am not talking about hoarders…well in a sense yes, I am…but what I meant was people who just cannot let go! They would rather suffer pain, jealousy, inferiority complex, or even depression but they won’t accept certain facts of life and let it go. Why do people get stuck to things which they believe belongs to them? Your marriage doesn’t make you own your spouse. You do not own your children. Items that give you pleasure do not necessarily need to be hoarded even after their purpose is achieved. Is it because of some obnoxious desire to store things just because one has paid for it, or is it the thought that maybe someday I will make some use of these obsolete items? Whatever be the reason, it is surely a pain. Do you know people have a huge requirement of large wardrobes and store-rooms just because they want to hoard stuff that they may not have used for the last decade or so.

Forget materialistic world, people do not let go off grudges, enmity, possessiveness, or even the wrong sense of ownership in human relations. My spouse belongs to me, my children are my property, my girl/ boy friend should not be comfortable or natural with anyone else, my parents should love me more than my sibling. How? How do these things even come inside your thoughts? Are we all into a relationship of convenience? Don’t we know slavery has been abolished since ages? Live and let live guys…like the old story goes — let your bird fly off, if it comes back it loves you…else it was never meant to be yours. One of the most important fundamental right of any human being is his/ her freewill. Freedom to choose, to decide, to live. Do you know that by harvesting a grudge, you are actually giving some valuable mind-space to someone whom you do not like at all? Do you agree with me that the opposite of love is not hate — its “don’t care”. Just ignore, let it go, free yourself from any ill-feelings or animosity towards anyone.

You can have only a limited. If you hoard yourself with such useless things, you will not have any space for better things to come to you. Let it go!