28 stories and 6 months later…

Snehal Karia
3 min readDec 7, 2021

Writing has always been my passion and I felt I could connect with my readers through words. My style of writing is in a way which connects with my reader through simple daily used vocabulary and candidly expressed sentiments.

I am not too philosophical as I believe everyone is capable of handling their own issues and problems because every situation, every context is unique. All that is needed is sharing of experience and letting people know how one dealt with a particular situation. But mind you even if the same situation presents itself to someone else, the same approach might not work but surely a precedent would be there to create one’s own direction.

My life has been tough as I have steered it through some situations which were self-created and there was no scope of taking anyone’s help:

Ventured into business as always had that entrepreneurial mindset. But business wasn’t in the blood so made some mistakes down the road and suffered couple of times. But these mistakes made me stronger and so felt like sharing through these stories.

Ventured into a line of business which wasn’t my expertise but through proper team work of staff and understanding the true dictionary meaning of being a director, was able to create a reasonably good multinational presence in three decades.

Ventured in foreign business and that too as tough as North America. With no prior idea about the system, people’s way of thinking, and to top it all – me a brown immigrant from India with a Chinese product from Malaysia. Against all odds, thanks to some strong product conviction, and very candid relations with associates in Canada, a seed was planted which was to become a strong tree in a decade’s time.

All these endeavours I must say guidance of parents, support of family, understanding that each partner has a unique strong quality, and working consistently with confidence can make one achieve dreams and dare to achieve more.

But generally speaking there are some 5 things to take care of for doing any type of business venture:

  1. Do not trust. Trust is very easy to get into and my experience has been bad. Thrice I have fallen huge and the exclusive reason was trust. So avoid.
  2. Bottom line should not be money. Do not chase money. Do things that will give you financial benefits. Define your bottom line as your happiness, your enjoyment of doing the job, amazing customer feedback, or even just developing a sound and perfectly oiled system. Do something that affects lives positively.
  3. Consistency pays. My own example here. I need to listen to an advertisement on radio or TV multiple times before it registers in a way that I feel like taking my first step towards that product or service. People take time to build faith in you. A strong word of mouth will help. Patience is the key coupled with persistence.
  4. Research, innovate and be prepared to fail. Failure is a must. As much as we do not like to fail, it’s a must ingredient for success. And how you take failure and work towards not repeating it makes you a successful entrepreneur. And research. The more you know about your product and the competition and what others perceive about you and your product/ service will help you to innovate and change for improvement.
  5. Be humble and express gratitude. Never ever forget this. Never ever grow out of this. People do not like snobs. People hate arrogance to the core. There’s a thin line between confidence conviction and arrogance – never cross that line. Listen to your loved ones like your mom or spouse or a true critic. Stay grounded. Fly high but your feet needs to be grounded, always.

I would like to thank my nearly 900 followers for reading my stories and connecting with me on different platforms. Thank you for encouraging me and appreciating my style of writing. Stay safe. Stay happy.